Handgun and Rifle Ranges

Lakes Area Shooting Sports offers covered 25, 50, and 100-yard Rifle Target Ranges, and a separate covered 25-yard range for Handguns. These ranges are for Member use only.

Handgun and Rifle Range Rules:

Please sign the book at the benches before you shoot!

The target ranges are strictly for sighting in rifles, and for recreational shooting. Prior to using the target ranges, we ask that you thoroughly read and understand the range rules.

1. The ranges are open daily from 9am to sunset.
2. The ranges are closed during Skeet hours, or when posted by the Range Manager.
3. Use of these ranges is for members and families of members only.
Guests and others are requested to buy a club membership.
4. Only paper, cardboard, or gong targets provided by the club are allowed. The use of anything else as a target is prohibited.
5. Please remove targets and clean up your area. If a trash can is not available on the range, there are receptacles by the clubhouse. Put spent brass in the buckets provided.
6. Hearing and eye protection are required.
7. Do not shoot the wooden posts. Hang targets on the wire in front of the berm, or use the target stands provided.
8. Do not shoot at, or above, the “SHOOT BELOW LINE” banners.
9. All firearms shall be unloaded and placed on a shooting bench, or cased, when anyone is down range.
10. No fully automatic firearms. Firearms chambered in 50 BMG, are not allowed.
11. No tracers or other incendiary devices are allowed.
12. No pets allowed on the range.
13. No motor vehicles allowed down range. You may park on the road that goes down to the ranges, but do not drive to the targets.
14. No horseplay on the range.
15. Any use of alcohol or other drugs is prohibited.

As a club member these are your ranges, please use them responsibly. Any violation of these rules can result in suspension of your membership, or expulsion from the club. All members are encouraged to ask non-members to leave the property.

Rifle Range Lakes Ares Shooting Sports
Rifle Range Lakes Ares Shooting Sports
rifle and handgun range Lakes Area Shooting Sports
rifle and handgun range Lakes Area Shooting Sports
Woman at the rifle range Lakes Area Shooting Sports
Woman at the rifle range Lakes Area Shooting Sports